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Seniors Month

Seniors Month

Staying connected with our loved ones and our community has never been so important. 

This year Seniors Month will be celebrated from 1- 31 October, with the theme of Social Connections, which will encourage Queenslanders of all generations to connect and celebrate the contribution of seniors to the state.

Beginning on the United Nations International Day of Older Persons on 1 October and culminating in Grandparents Day on 30 October, the month-long celebration is an opportunity for people of all ages, cultures, and abilities to come together and connect through a range of inclusive events and activities.

It is also a wonderful way to shine a spotlight on the many important roles older people play in our communities as volunteers, colleagues, community leaders, carers, grandparents, workers or advocates.

Through Queensland Seniors Month we aim to:


* Connect older Queenslanders to inclusive events and activities by producing culturally inclusive, intergenerational or lifestyle events/activities for Queenslanders in their communities.


* Create opportunities for older Queenslanders to continue to participate in activities beyond Queensland Seniors Month.


* Challenge ageist attitudes and reframe the conversation around ageing.


* Enable older Queenslanders to live active and healthy lives with improved physical and mental wellbeing.

* Enhance opportunities for older Queenslanders to continue to learn through community education, lifelong learning, and digital literacy.