Redland Seniors


Aveo First Steps

10:00 am

Taking the First Step to Great Retirement Living
with Aveo

- Relaunching our commitment to a great retirement lifestyle
- Our new brand - What does this mean for you?
- Dip your toe in with a Trial Stay. How does this work?
- Aged Care Guidance and how we can help

10:30 am

Healthy Hearing
for Healthy Living

Penelope is the founder of a specialty hearing rehabilitation clinic in Cleveland. She works from a model of care that is distinctive and refreshing. She will share research that shows reducing the impact of hearing loss helps improve social connectedness.

Are you aware that increased cognitive strain caused by poor hearing is linked to accelerated cognitive decline? This, and reduced social engagement, lead to an increased risk of dementia. Despite this risk, appropriate hearing rehabilitation can reduce the strain, increase social engagement and improved quality of life. Learn how to avoid the risks and maximise the benefits of hearing aids in this engaging presentation
Healthy Hearing
What are you dying to know?

11:00 am

What are you dying to know about?

Maybe you want to know…
- How can I have a wake and still be alive?
- How to leave a legacy, but am not sure how?
- What is a home funeral?
- What can I do with Aunty Mabel’s ashes sitting on my shelf
- Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu had a water cremation. What is that?

11:30 am

Navigating My Aged Care

Navigating the My Aged Care program can be complicated. This talk will provide practical information about the Australian Government subsidised aged care services, including how to access these services and where to find the information you need to make informed decisions
Navigating My Aged Care
NBN Digital Legacy

12:00 pm

Digital Identities

Every day, without realising it, we are leaving digital footprints behind as our digital legacy. These can be a valuable treasure for those we leave behind, but they can also leave you open to identity theft and fraud if you don’t plan for your digital legacy. Your digital legacy is shaped by the interactions you have, and the digital information created online before passing. We often put a lot of thought into what happens to physical assets after we have passed on, but what about the digital assets and digital presence that remains?

12:30 pm

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning involves thinking and making choices now, to guide your future health care. It is also a process of communicating your wishes. If you have strong beliefs about what you want to happen in the future, it is particularly important to make your plans and wishes known now. You can do this by having a conversation with those close to you and writing down your preferences.

Advance Care Planning can involve completing forms to document your wishes including Advance Health Directives, Enduring Power of Attorney and Statement of choices forms. During our conversations we discuss: What is ACP?; Why does ACP matter?; Documenting your wishes; Communicating your wishes.
Advance Care Planning

1:00 pm

Taking Control of Your Home Care Package

After getting a home care package, the funds provided belong to you, and you can use them however you wish. Therefore, it is important to become knowledgeable about exactly how and why your package funds are spent. How do you make the most of these choices and use the money provided to best suit your needs?

Many seniors do not know the difference between self-managed and fully managed home care packages. Learn the difference between self-managed - DIY and DIY PLUS and fully managed home care packages.